Haydenfilms 5.0 Online Film Festival

Haydenfilms empowers independent filmmakers by offering a platform for knowledge exchange and networking at our 5.0 Online Film Festival, inviting them to join a global legacy of film professionals who have flourished with our support.

Haydenfilme 5.0 Online Film Festival

Welcome to Haydenfilms 5.0 Online Film Festival

The Haydenfilms Online Film Festival is back and better than ever! With the fifth installment, we have world-class short films competing for the grand prize of $25,000.

The final four short films will be decided by the viewer ratings, and move on the the live screenings in Los Angeles, California in 2024.

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Cash Prize for Grand Winners

Cash Prizes for Grand Winners

501(c)(3) Organization

501(c)(3) Organization

4 Online Film Festivals & 1 Screenwriting Competition

4 Online Film Festivals & 1 Screenwriting Competition

LIVE: Haydenfilms 5.0 Online Film Festival

Watch and rate the top 50 films in this year’s festival line-up. Your votes determine 4 finalists will go on to win the $25,000 grand-prize!


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What is the Haydenfilms Institute?

The Haydenfilms Institute is a growth-oriented 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Our mission is to empower, educate and fund independent and student filmmakers across the globe, which we execute through our film festivals, screenwriting competitions, and other impactful programs.

Can I submit a short or feature film?

We are currently accepting submissions for the best short film and the best feature film. Either category may be any genre, but short films must be between 1-50 minutes and feature films must be between 60-180 minutes.

How does the online festival work?

Our judges will individually review, rate, and deliberate the selection of the top 50 short films based on our internal criteria.

The top 50 short films are screened virtually across the globe for 60 days, where the streaming viewers will be able to access and rate each film. The top 4 short films will then proceed to the live, Los Angeles event!

Who selects the grand prize winner?

The top 4 short films are indicated by the highest viewer rating. Note: Our system prohibits multiple ratings per user!

Each festival, the top 4 filmmakers typically partake in digital and social media marketing to increase viewership and their chances of winning. The filmmaker with the highest overall online rating will win $25,000. Our feature film competition will take place during the Los Angeles event, where the in-person audience will select the grand prize winner of $10,000.